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autopsy tables

autopsy tables (Photo credit: reallyboring)

A U.S. citizen dies overseas, and OUR Sate Department says they can’t do anything ? He died of unknown causes so an autopsy seems reasonable. The autopsy should also be done as soon as possible so any evidence doesn’t degrade. I think a joint U.S./Iraqi autopsy makes the best sense.

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Colbert family pleads to have loved one’s body returned to U.S.
KXII News OK  June 4, 2012
A Colbert family is inconsolable at the loss of their young son and husband working overseas in Iraq. Now, they’ve received even more devastating news.

Mike Copeland spoke with his son, Michael, for the last time Friday night. About 12 hours later, he was told his son had died. On top of dealing with their loss, they said the Iraqi government will not release his body. And now, they’re struggling with the U.S. Government to bring Michael home.

“They came to the door and knocked on the door but I couldn’t open it, because I knew that if I did my life would be changed forever.”

Angela Copeland found out Saturday that her husband, Michael, was dead of unknown causes.

“Sure enough I opened the door and they came in and told…

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