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DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2013 Through May 2013

English: Air Force Reserve Command HQ, Robins ...

English: Air Force Reserve Command HQ, Robins AFB, Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Department of Defense announced today recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for fiscal 2013, through May.

             Active Component.

             Recruiting.  All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal 2013, through May.

                          Army — 45,947 accessions, with a goal of 45,435; 101 percent

                          Navy — 24,344 accessions, with a goal of 24,344; 100 percent

                          Marine Corps — 17,214 accessions, with a goal of 17,174; 100 percent

                          Air Force — 18,695 accessions, with a goal of 18,695; 100 percent

            Retention.  The Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps exhibited strong retention numbers for the eighth month of fiscal 2013.  The Navy exhibited strong retention numbers in the mid-career and career categories; however, the Navy’s achievement of 90 percent in the initial category relates to reduced accessions from four to six years ago.

            Reserve Component.

            Recruiting.  Five of the six reserve components met or exceeded their fiscal-year-to-date 2013 numerical accession goals.  While the Army Reserve met its May 2013 goals, it remains 1,662 accessions short of its fiscal goal.

                          Army National Guard — 34,034 accessions, with a goal of 33,266; 102 percent

                          Army Reserve — 17,815 accessions, with a goal of 19,477; 91 percent

                          Navy Reserve — 3,594 accessions, with a goal of 3,594; 100 percent

                          Marine Corps Reserve — 5,804 accessions, with a goal of 5,766; 101 percent

                          Air National Guard — 6,732 accessions, with a goal of 6,732; 100 percent

                          Air Force Reserve — 4,856 accessions, with a goal of 4,439; 109 percent

            Attrition— All reserve components have met their attrition goals.  Current trends are expected to continue.  (This indicator lags due to data availability.)

Faith Inspires Founder Launches Online Prayer Intercessor Group For First Responders

Check out this story about an important new spiritual resource for our nations first responders. From our sister blog Faith That Inspires Action.

Faith That Inspires Action

Pastor Robert A. Crutchfield founder of Faith That Inspires Action yesterday created a new online based prayer intercessor group for first responders. The group the National First Responder Prayer Team

Has gained dozens of members from several states in just a day of existence. Pastor Crutchfield describes how he came up with the idea like this, ” We had the horrible tragedy in West, Texas  earlier, then the fire service got hit again here in Houston on 5/31 when 4 firefighters died and thirteen were injured in just one incident. Then Sunday the we lost an incomprehensible number of firefighters outside Prescott. I got fed up with so many first responders hurting in so many places, and not being able to reach out to them. As a minister I know that prayer can reach everywhere. So The NFRPT was my answer, and I pray that it will be the…

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